Eagle Touch The Clouds

To educate people world-wide about Native American cultural and history.

I'm a national award winning Native American activist.  I'm Working on trying to expand everyone's knowledge on Native American history and culture,  I have a vision to bring items and knowledge only available to tribal members to the public. 

Tsalagi/Puyallup Nations

* Frank Busch  - Native American Author

* Bryan and Jackie Shein

* Dennis Butolph, Jr.

* Johnnie Tate

Donors from United States of America

mission & vision

To partner with every public library system worldwide.  We hope to bring a Native American section to each library system on a global level

how it's funded

Shawn M. Reynolds, Jr. self funds this entire project with his personal funds.  We take donations of money and or Native American items. We try to work with the library and their budgets first to see what they can help with..

What we do

We bring Native American materials to public libraries around the world.  We have music, books, movies, documentaries, language programs, and much more available to the public for proper education.


Our founder


Shawn M. Reynolds, Jr.

Donors from Canada

2011 - Eagle Touch the Clouds was started as a self funded global project.  It was created by Shawn M. Reynolds, Jr. in December of 2011.

2012 - The first items became available for check out.  It was a Native American language program donated from the Puyallup Tribe of Indians.

2013 - Eagle Touch the Clouds received a letter from the Pierce County Library System.  That letter informed us saying the project has helped more then 500,000 people. 

2017 - We plan to increase the number of partnerships with public libraries around the world.  Our goal is to partner with every public library worldwide.