Eagle Touch The Clouds

To educate people world-wide about Native American cultural and history.



By using the items from our project you will learn new things about Native Americans and their culture and history. Our items can be used for school projects, personal knowledge, and many other great things. 

Reaching Out

Working with public libraries in your community to make a difference on Native American cultural education.

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Our Mission

To create a Native American section in every public library world-wide.  To educate the world on Native American culture and history.  To partner with Native American tribes to bring learning materials only available to tribal members and get it in the libraries.

We will be adding new items to libraries around the world.  We are working to create new programs with libraries to increase Native American cultural awareness.  Make sure to LIKE our Facebook page for even more upcoming projects.

upcoming Projects

Eagle Touch the Clouds has been devoted to passionately advocating for the proper education of Native American culture. Find out how you can contribute to the future of Eagle Touch the Clouds through donations of money, materials, and time.